Naturally Fit Inc

Cornell McClellan, the man who has kept the Obamas fit for over 20 years, is streaming into your home with The Immortal Body Workout.

McClellan recognizes that “fitness is the fountain of youth”. He believes that in combination with nutrition, being physically fit can help people stay mentally healthy and provide the stamina for them to fully enjoy every minute of their lifetime.

The Immortal Body Workout was developed with this philosophy in mind. This progressive workout is appropriate for adults of all ages and has modifications for different physical fitness levels. If you are just getting started, you will learn to move and strengthen your body gently. If you are hard core, performing all of the trendy workouts, you will still be challenged and use muscles that aren't hit as often.

These 8 - 60 minute classes require little equipment; just body weight, dumbbells and resistance band.